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Our Mission: To assist the family farmers and entrepreneurs in renewing prosperity and quality of life by working together to obtain a profitable return for farm products.

Owner: Appalachian Alternative Agriculture of Jackson County (3AJC), a non- profit group.

Manager: Mary Carpenter 606-364-3436


Nelson A Williams, FireSpice Salsa
"Greg does a superior job, a true proessional. His experience show through his many years in food production. He has been very helpful to me in my product, FireSpice Salsa."

Extra On-Site Services Available, (but not limited to these services, if you need help, just call ahead. )

LABELS/LABELING: Need labels for your products, but don't know where to begin? No worries, we can help you choose the best label, size and quantity for your products. We are here to help along the way.

BOTTLES/BOTTLING: Need bottles for your products, our kitchen manager can assist in your product container needs.

TRAINED ASSISTANCE: Need staff to assist in the production of your product? Call and we can provide the assistance and man-power you need. (606) 364-3436

NUTRITIONAL FACTS ON YOUR PRODUCTS: Give us your recipe and info, then we can add the nutrition facts for your label.

CERTIFIED RECIPES: We provide assistance in getting your recipes certified.

ADVANCED ASSISTANCE: (606) 364-3436  Call ahead and ask questions, we are happy to help.